Tranquil timber cabins and a bamboo grove surround this hot spring in Beijing

Chinese architectural firm Elevation Workshop has completed work on a series of gorgeous timber-clad cabins surrounding a steamy hot spring outside of Beijing. The seven individual suites at Hotel Why feature distinct sloping roofs, and they are shielded by a privacy screen made up of bamboo trees.


Each timber cabin was prefabricated and transported to the hotel site, where they were assembled in what the architects describe as “seemingly random building masses.” Hidden behind the bamboo plants, each cabin has a one bedroom suite with a private outdoor jacuzzi.


For optimal privacy, the windows, doors and skylights in the cabins are all installed with electric glass panels that allow the guests to obscure or open up views of the common areas. Small lanes from each cabin lead to the pool patio, where a sprayer system periodically mists the bamboo trees, creating an ethereal lounge area for guests.

Elevation-Workshop-Why-Hotel-6-1020x610 (1)

According to the architects, the design initially called for a cartoon theme, but was quickly changed to reflect the natural beauty of the site. “Walking amid the bamboo grove, our guests won’t see the massing of our architecture but only the mist and some indistinct houses behind the bamboos,” said studio founder Na Wei. “Their view will become clear when they reach the hot spring pool.”


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