Modern eclectic bungalow style – Exposed brick wall

I personally associate an exposed brick wall with the east coast…perhaps a quaint apartment or in Boston on Newbury Street or a loft in New York City’s Soho or in townhouse in the historic Georgetown area of Washington, D.C.. An old wall with a history to tell…a wall oozing goo-gobs of character into a traditional room or home.




brick-wall-with-the-east-coast-02 brick-wall-with-the-east-coast-01

I know exposed brick walls are very common in modern homes and city apartments and lofts but for some reason this little home in Arizona struck me as using the exposed brick wall differently than I have seen them used in interior decor. Modernist eclectic interior design with a lot of brick thrown into the mix.

brick-wall-with-the-east-coast-04 brick-wall-with-the-east-coast-05

In this home, the furniture spans from a mid century modern Saarinen tulip table,  to a traditional settee in the living room, contemporary bar stools in the kitchen.  The overall architecture is quaint bungalow style on the outside, modern eclectic on the inside.

Would you expose a brick wall or cover it up? Do you think the style works in this home?

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brick-wall-with-the-east-coast-06 brick-wall-with-the-east-coast-07

Happy Xmas!

Photos: Knob Modern Design


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