Beach home with views of the bay. Located in Somers, Australia

Located in Somers about an hour from Melbourne, Residence J&C is a holiday beach house designed by Open Studio Pty Ltd Architecture for a couple, their dog, and the occasional visitors. The small beachside town was established in the 1920s and remains a relaxed spot for vacationers. The new elevated house spans two floors to minimize unnecessary disturbance to the vegetation leaving much of the site untouched.

To make the most of the panoramic views across Western Port Bay, the structure is made up of stacked boxes that extend out to create balconies towards the sea.


The opposite end features floor-to-ceiling windows as well. The low maintenance, exterior materials and colors were chosen to blend in with the natural landscape.

The house is organized into three zones – a flexible open living space on the upper floor, the master bedroom and guests’ bedrooms on the lower floor, and a core in the center for circulation and services.

They kept the interior simple and minimalist with two colors – white walls and dark stained and waxed wood elements (floors, window frames, and fireplace).

View the gallery beach home with views of the bay

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Photo – Open Studio Pty Ltd Architecture.

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